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Do I really need branding?

Absolutely, for your business to flourish, branding is essential within your marketing strategy. Creating unique and unforgettable elements tailored to your target audience enables you to enhance brand visibility, build trust, and attract a broader customer base.

Isn’t branding just a logo?

A logo is just one part of building a strong brand identity. Partnering with Lemoine grants you access to a full-service solution, ensuring that every aspect of your brand aligns with your business goals and customer needs. Expertise extends from visual elements like your logo to crafting a lasting brand strategy, encompassing all that's required to boost your brand's prominence.

How long does a project take?

The process of working together is dependent on the service(s) you’ve chosen and the scope of your project. Here’s a general timeline you can expect with each type of service, but please keep in mind that these are subject to change based on the details of your individual project!

When you opt for multiple services, there is potential for timeframes to overlap. The ultimate timeline will be established once we delve deeper into the specifics of your project during our discussion.

Book Design + Illustrations: 4-5 weeks
Branding: 6-8 weeks
Web Design: 10-12 weeks
App Design: 10-12 weeks
Packaging Design: 10-12 weeks
Murals + Environmental Graphics: 10-12 weeks

I already have a brand, but am looking for a refresh. Is this something you do?

Certainly! I've helped numerous clients seeking a brand refresh. I recognize the attachment you might have to your current brand but understand the desire for a fresh appearance.

We're here to provide expert guidance and share best practices in branding. Rest assured, we'll continue working until you are completely satisfied!

How do payments work?

Most projects are divided into two payments: a 50% deposit and 50% final payment, due within net 15 days. On larger projects, milestones are set for payments.

Payments can be made by credit card, Venmo, ACH bank transfer, PayPal, or check.

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