Visual Identity + Murals for Okta's San Francisco Office

December 2023
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Brand Design, Illustration, Environmental Graphics, Murals
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Understanding Okta's innovative and dynamic culture was the first step. I aimed to infuse the office space with energy and creativity, aligning with Okta's mission and values. It was clear that neighborhoods with distinct areas of working and places of respite, yet remaining connected to one another was important for the community and creativity of the folks coming into the office on a hybrid model.

This floor was a small piece of the puzzle of Okta's presence in San Francisco: As one works their way through the skyscraper, floor by floor, they'll find themselves immersed in a different region of Californina's stunning geography.

Concept: "Moments in Time"

The neighborhoods on the 14th floor embody illustrated moments in time.

This collection is inspired by the wonderfully diverse geography and communities of the Bay Area.

These analog, loosely painted watercolors are combined with digital, vector-based drawings.

The harmonious styles symbolize the dance of the hybrid workplace, where remote work and physical space blend to inspire boundless creativity.

Each painting was created in my sketchbook with a bit of ink and watercolor while biking throughout California over the past decade.

My art celebrates the joyfulness of our moments.



Be here now.