Designing for an unstoppable, prolific executive + author

May 2024
Victoria Pelletier
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Creative Direction, Website Design, Brand Design
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Creating the website and brand identity for Victoria Pelletier, a dynamic CEO, prolific executive, and esteemed author, was a beautifully rewarding journey that required a blend of creativity, strategy, and meticulous attention to detail. Here's a glimpse into the process story of bringing her #Unstoppable brand to life:

Brand Differentiators

Real-Life Success

Proven track record of excelling in multiple roles.


Powerfully unstoppable.

Holistic Approach

Emphasis on achieving balance and well-being.

Engaging Speaker

Dynamic and relatable presentations that resonate with diverse audiences.

Brand Positioning

Victoria Pelletier stands as a beacon of inspiration and practical wisdom for women, showcasing that success in both personal and professional realms is achievable.